Cleverstore 1000

The clever solution for storage and retrieval

Cleverstore 1000 is the solution for efficient storage and retrieval of materials. Besides management of storage space and stock various protocols and reports enable smooth storage processes. This software ideally complements Kardex Remstar dynamic storage systems. 

Increase your productivity!

  • The user friendly design significantly reduces or even totally eliminates time spent searching, so that the operator is able to work efficiently and access all materials quickly
  • Increased accuracy – simplified input methods lead to reduced picking errors and improve picking accuracy up to 99%
  • Increased profitability – due to raised productivity and through put rate work and picking times are reduced while accuracy and availability of stock are increased.


Increase your flexibility!

  • Modular structure: use our software to manage storage spaces in your static racking and optimise your storage facility any time by upgrading it with dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar.


Reduce your cost!

  • Stock reduction: with the help of stock tracking entities can track their stock levels real-time, reduce or even avoid “shelf-warmers” and clear out safety stock and old stock.
  • Maximise storage space: by combining software and automated storage and retrieval systems, up to 85% of previously unused floor space can be reclaimed and used profitably.


Most important characteristics:

  • Stock management of materials
  • Management of storage spaces
  • Recording of putting and retrieval
  • Recording of stock corrections
  • Manual import of material master data
  • Unplanned/manual putting
  • Manual import of putting lists possible
  • Unplanned/manual retrieval
  • Manual import of retrieval lists possible
  • Select the storage space by means of a graphical display (visual storage space search)
  • Categorise the material by material families
  • Documents and images can be assigned to the material
  • Display of the material image at the storage space possible
  • Simple reporting using predefined lists and reports
  • Convenient management of user rights
Advantages at a glance
  • User-friendly design
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Modular structure
  • Reduction of storage levels
  • Maximisation of storage space