Smartpick 6000

The solution for management and processing of picking orders.

Smartpick 6000 is the solution that supports different picking strategies.
Multi-Order-Picking (Batching) bundles several orders together into a batch order so that the material that is required for several orders only has to be picked once.
Multi-User-Picking enables several operators to pick at the same time. With the help of automated light systems they are directed to the respective order box. Incorrect picking is thus reduced to a minimum.


Increase your productivity!

  • Multiple picking strategies: no matter whether managed by the operator using optimised print lists or integrated automated light systems, Smartpick 6000 increases efficiency thanks to batch picking and multi order picking.
  • Increased accuracy: From the creation of optimised retrieval lists to bar code verification and pick- and put-to-light systems: increase picking accuracy to levels of up to 99% with Smartpick 6000!

Enhance your flexibility

  • Modular structure: extend Smartpick 6000 by additional option modules at any time!

Reduce your cost!

  • Stock reduction: with the help of stock tracking entities can track their stock levels real-time, reduce or even avoid “shelf-warmers” and clear out safety stock and old stock.
  • Maximise storage space: optimised storage space arrangements ensure optimal use of every square centimetre space.

Most important characteristics:

  • Create, edit, and manage orders for putting and retrieval
  • Combine several orders of the same category in one batch
  • Automatic batch creation possible
  • Various strategies for creating batches can be set
  • Supports KBS batch lights
  • Assignment of the individual order in a batch to a KBS module or an order box
  • Several operators can process a batch together (differentiation of picks by means of color assignment at the acknowledgement stage)
  • Import material master data (time interval-controlled)
  • Import order data (time interval-controlled, for putting and retrieval)
  • Export order data (time interval-controlled, data from history) export the acknowledged order items (history / booking journal)
  • Stock management of the materials
  • Categorisation of the material using material families
  • Management of storage spaces
  • Display of the material image at the storage space possible
  • Documents and images can be assigned to the material
  • Simple reporting using predefined lists and reports
  • Convenient management of user rights
  • Recording of putting and retrieval
  • Recording of stock correction
  • Unplanned/manual putting and retrieval


Advantages at a glance
  • Multi-Order-Picking (Batch)
  • Multi-User-Picking
  • Integrated optical indicators
  • Modular structure
  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Maximization of storage space